DSC_0129Access Control System

BIKEROOMBicycle storage area (secure)

janitorialJanitorial services

roof gardenRoof garden

service-elevatorService elevators

timeclockNight lighting system (after hours)

P1000098Air conditioning

WP_20150129_14_05_25_RawBuilding shared conference room

P1000364Restaurants, shops

camerasSecurity Officer services and surveillance

sinageSignage and business directory listing

parkingNear by parking facility


WP_20150130_09_29_04_Raw7am-6pm Security Service

facilitiesBuilding on staff service personal

mailRegistered mail service

P1000094Service Centre (Tenant maintenance requests)

storageStorage facilities

window-cleaningWindow cleaning



 Buildings first brochure 

In erecting the Pacific Building, the Corbett family has followed its traditional policy of developing a new
and coming business district .This is the sixth office building offered by the Corbett family to this city. The first was finished over fifty year ago by the late Senator H. W . Corbett .

Each one ha grown in size and importance as the city grew . They have all been well built and a credit to Portland. The list of these buildings is synonymous with the development of the city. All the buildings given below were built by the Corbett family, with the exception of the second on the list, which was a joint enterprise with the
late Henry Failing:

Main entrance lobby, magnificently finished in solid marble

Old Corbett Building, First, near Washington,
1869; Union Block, First, Second and Stark, 1879 ;
Cambridge Building, Third and Morrison, 1884 ;
Worcester Building, Third , Oak and Pine, 189 ;
Hamilton Building, Third and Alder, 1893 ; C orbett
Building, Fifth and Morrison, 1907 ; Pacific Building, Fifth, Sixth and Yamhill , 1926.



B U I L D· I N G


Fifty Years Past

Pacific Building is built on the homesite of
the late Senator H. W. Corbett. The first Cor-
bett home to be built on this block is repro-
duced in the fanciful drawing shown on
this page.

This bui lding is erected by those who inherit the tradition
of good workmanship and who have themselves had long
experience in office operation . Their experience has produced
a building which j the moSt serviceab le that ca n be buil t
for office purposes.

The service to be given in the Pacific Building will be
of the same dependab le character that has marked the
operation of all the C orbett office buildings since the first
wa constructed.

In planning th ten-st ry Pacific Building at Yamhill , Fifth

and Sixth Stree ts, the C orbett E~ ta te has produced a bui lding
which embodies the mos t advanced standards of convenience
and op ra ti n.


Prior to actual construction careful tud y wa made of
notable ffi ce build ing in maj r cities. Innovations an I new met hod of
operation and appointments w ere analyz.ed in the light of many year
of successful experience in offi ce building owner hip and management in
Portland .

The re ul t is a building fin ely wrought, substantial, and arranged in
every detai l to fulfill the requirements of the most desirable t ype of busine. s
fi rm s to which the occupancy is res tricted . Architectu ra lly the building
is imp sin g; structurall y, it i the fin est that modern engineering science
can devis . F l’Om the standpoint of conveniences and facilitie , it embodies